Benefits of MRI in the Context of Screenings

In our practice in Witten we offer you whole-body MRI examinations in the context of medical screening.

Our work is based on the principle of “We identify. We know. We provide for your health.“

In addition to the possibility to undergo individual check-ups with the appropriate specialist doctors, you have the opportunity to have them carried out almost completely within an one-hour examination.

The MRI technique is a high-quality imaging of your organs as well as of the surrounding soft and hard tissues during the whole-body scanning process. MRI is particularly suitable for the high-quality presentation of soft tissue structures. It is now regarded as the gold standard in diagnostics, especially with regard to inflammatory processes or tumor formation and propagation.

It already provides indications of pathological tissue and structural changes at a very early stage, long before typical symptoms of the disease would become noticeable. This is an essential advantage of whole-body MRI diagnostics: In most cases, the earliest stages of a disease are very well curable and can be optimally influenced by the appropriate specialist physicians through targeted preventive measures.

Your Advantages:

  • Gentle, radiation-free and painless diagnostics
  • Very time-efficient: gaining clarity about the entire body – from head to toe – within approx. 50 min per examination.
  • Excellent image quality thanks to PHILIPS INGENIA MRI device
  • No more “double doctoring“
  • More precise than conventional check-up examinations, e.g. ultrasound
  • Even the smallest changes can be detected at an early stage and thus be treated early with a good prognosis.
  • Safe knowledge of your current state of health
  • Usually, reimbursement of costs by private health insurance

Process of Examination

  • We welcome you to our practice in Witten.
  • You will first receive time for registration and completion of the necessary formalities.
  • In advance of the MRI whole-body scan we advise you in detail and are happy to answer your questions.
  • Our assistants take care of you during the examination, which will take about an hour.
  • During the entire scan there is always someone near you.
  • After the whole-body MRI, we take time for you in order to discuss the findings.

Whole-Body MRI: Supporting Corporate Health in Companies and Offering Check-ups for Freelancers/Self-Employed Persons

Especially in the strenuous and often hectic daily routine, health care is quickly forgotten or put off.

That’s the reason why we offer you a time-efficient and precise alternative to the conventional examinations, also after work and at the weekends.

The long-term stability of your health status is the basis of your capacity and enables you to meet the demands of your profession and your private life.

At our practice in Witten we will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the whole-body MRI in the context of medical screening. Please make an appointment!

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