Our practice in Witten offers you the possibility to have a whole-body magnetic resonance imaging with regard to health screenings.

As specialists for radiology, we act according to the premise “Anyone who recognizes an evil has almost cured it.“ (Prentice Mulford)

On this basis, we would like to offer you a check-up that detects your body’s disease-induced changes at an early stage and is performed as gently and time-efficiently as possible.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enables a layered representation of the tissues and structures of your body. Especially, in soft tissue diagnostics, the high-resolution images are really unsurpassable.

With the special web wiki: “Whole-body MRI in health prevention“ we would like to give you a guide that explains the whole-body MRI scan from the head to the tip of the toe. In the individual sections, we will focus on MRI imaging of possible diseases of the respective body area.

This web wiki will provide you with additional information about your whole-body check-up. In addition and in the course of the consultations, you have the opportunity to discuss and clarify specific questions regarding diagnostics with us.

Dr. med. Ralph Meyer
Dr. med. Henning Sommerfeld

List of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

3. Benefits of MRI in the context of screening

4. MRI of the head/brain

4.1 Stroke/circulatory disorders
4.2 Degenerative mark bearing changes
4.3 Tumors
4.4 Dementia diagnosis/brain atrophy
4.5 Inflammation
4.6 Circulatory disorders of the brain fluid
4.7 Constitutional changes/anomalies/brain tissue scars
4.8 Brain vessels
4.9 Eye and nasal sinuses

5. MRI of the neck
5.1 Tumors
5.2 Lymph node diseases
5.3 Thyroid gland
5.4 Throat
5.5 Larynx
5.6 Muscles
5.7 Jaw joints
5.8 Vessels
5.9 Cervical spine

6. MRI of the chest
6.1 Tumors
6.2 Lymph node diseases
6.3 Pulmonary and pleural diseases
6.4 Risk factors for reflux of gastric acid
6.5 Heart and pericard
6.6 Thoracic Aorta

7. MRI of the upper abdomen
7.1 Liver
7.2 Gall bladder
7.3 Bile ducts
7.4 Pancreas
7.5 Spleen
7.6 Adrenal gland
7.7 Kidneys
7.8 Vascular status
7.9 Lymph node diseases
7.10 Free liquid/ascites

8. MRT of the pelvis (the genitourinary organs)
8.1 Genitourinary organs of women
8.2 Genitourinary organs of men
8.3 Lymph node diseases
8.4 Free liquid
8.5 Lumbar spine
8.6 Joints
8.7 Hip joints

9. MRI of the vessels
9.1 Arteriosclerosis/stenoses/peripheral artery occlusive disease/vascular erectile dysfunction
9.2 Aneurysms
9.3 Anomalies

10. Targeted MRI of joints
10.1 Arthrosis/Arthritis
10.2 Cartilage Damage/Meniscus/intervertebral discs
10.3 Changes to the bone
10.4 Tumors
10.5 Inflammation
10.6 Ligaments
10.7 Joint effusion
10.8 Joint capsule
10.9 Muscles
10.10 Overload-related irritations/disorders

11. References, Imprint

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